Gear Spotlight

Gear Spotlight

 This is my Ibanez AZ Prestige with Dimarzio Pickups in it.  A Satcher 8 in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck.  This guitar was used on my new album Transcendence. I will feature certain gear on this page from time to time. For More gear picks click here

This is my main live rig, DV Mark Cabs and the DV Mark Multiamp.  My LAC RGA is also featured in the picture along with the Keeley Dark Side pedal. This rig was also used extensively on the recording of the new album.

This is the Keeley Monterey Special Pedal. This is an amazing pedal and was used a lot on my new album Transcendence. It is featured on the melody of Tomorrow Never Comes as well as melody sections of Life Is Precious.

The Eventide H9 is such a creative pedal to use. It was used a lot on the Transcendence album.  It was used on The Presence, Dying Breath, Eternal, and The In Between.

The Keeley D&M Drive was used a lot on my new album Transcendence. I used the boost side mostly on the melody tracks and lead tracks to push the front end of the amps. Increased the sustain but without a high noise level.  It also sounds great in front of modelers.